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At Infinity Worlds, we are passionate about two things: good products and good people. Each of us has a different background, our own unique skills, and individual areas of expertise in the merchandising world. Thanks to our variety, we have become a versatile, tuned-in team with a shared enthusiasm for a job well done.

Chad Bugos

President & Co-founder

Brooke Hardin

Account Manager

Bethany Davis

Account Manager

Denise Bugos

Sr. VP of Marketing & Co-Founder

Thibaut Delage

Account Manager

Brandon Warren

Sr. VP of Sales

Grant Thomas

Account Manager

Colton Dillard

Account Manager

Max Shaw

Account Manager

Infinity Worlds, Inc.

2106 S. 54th St Ste 4 Rogers, AR 72758

(479) 250.0915  /  [email protected]

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Denise Burgos

Sr. VP of Marketing

& Co-Founder

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  • Chad BugosPresident & Co-founder

    Chad’s Road to Retail was a little unconventional.  After graduating from the University of Iowa Pharmacy program and later receiving his MBA, Chad worked as a Walmart pharmacist then moved into Pharmacy Operations as a Regional manager before eventually landing at the Walmart Home Office as a senior buyer.  He was known to his suppliers as a very strategic buyer, possessing great vision for where to take his categories to maximize the most gain.  As Co-Founder and CEO of Infinity Worlds Inc, Chad believes in collaboration and open communication with his team and his clients to realize the common goal of maximizing sales. Well-respected within the Walmart walls, Chad is able to forge and build relationships based on his understanding of how Walmart thinks and what Walmart needs in order to serve the needs of the end consumer.  Chad’s love of merchandise, searching for truly inspiring products and companies, and then helping those companies succeed is what he loves most about his job.  When he is able to disengage long enough to get in some personal time, since he is an avid sportsman, you will find him happily in a deer stand or a duck blind.

  • Denise BurgosSr. VP of Marketing & Co-Founder

    Some people are lucky enough to get to do what they love for a living.  As Senior Vice President of Marketing, Denise has had the chance to do just that.  Receiving her degree in Retail Marketing from the University of Arkansas and then an MBA with a Retail concentration from the Walton School of Business, Denise was set for her 17 year career in buying at the world’s largest retailer.  Moving through 9+ different buying categories over her career while at Walmart helped her to hone her skills so that she quickly earned a reputation for being an Item Merchant, one of the greatest compliments a buyer could receive.   Great instincts and analytical skills helped her to build strong seasonal programs such that she received Buyer of the Year.  Denise’s ability to look past the present and foresee any potential future pitfalls so that they can be addressed on the frontside helps to eliminate risk and ensure success.  She believes that being straightforward and honest is the best way to run a business.  A favorite way for her to express her creativity outside of work is through photography and landscaping.  Pictures provide such beauty and there is just something so soothing to her about touching the earth.

  • Brandon WarrenSr. VP of Sales

    As Senior Vice President of Sales, Brandon’s 15 years of retail experience gives him a well-rounded foundation to lead the Infinity Worlds sales team through challenging Walmart and Sam’s Club situations.  Managing several different categories while a buyer at Walmart, Brandon gained substantial experience in determining which sales strategies produced the best results.  He left Walmart for the opportunity to be the Team Lead for a multi-department, multi-million-dollar supplier where he managed all facets of sales which allowed him the chance to gain a valuable perspective from both sides of the buying desk.  Brandon’s ability to apply a crucial “win-win” mentality to every situation helps to ensure the realization of short term goals supported by strong, sustainable relationships, not only with Infinity Worlds clients, but also with the Walmart merchandising and product development teams. Brandon believes in supporting his team in driving sales growth by combining high-level oversight and mentorship coupled with long-term goal setting.  Brandon believes one of his strongest character traits is his loyalty.  He will move heaven and earth for his family, his friends, and his clients.

  • Brooke HardinAccount Manager

    A native Arkansan and University of Arkansas alum, Brooke realized her penchant for strategy and sales when she became involved in her family resale business as a middle-schooler.  She learned her work ethic and drive from her father as well as her respect for the individual. Now, years later, Brooke shows the same vigor and class whether preparing for a line review with a client or sitting across the desk from a buyer selling a promotional opportunity.  Brooke’s 8+ year’s experience as a Broker has developed such strong skillsets that she is able to manage varying businesses with quality, precision and personality.  Brooke is equally passionate about her supportive husband, her adorable son and Crossfit.

  • Thibaut DelageAccount Manager

    Thibaut is our resident Man of the World, having lived in 4 different countries over the course of his life.  Studying Industrial Engineering at Cornell University followed by receiving his MBA from the University of Arkansas turned out to be the perfect launchpad for his 6-year career at Walmart as a Senior Planner where he managed the financials of several multi-billion-dollar categories.  Thibaut loves studying how brands navigate the retail landscape differently using specific tactics to achieve to specific results.  This discipline of thoughtful examination has also been cultivated to allow Thibaut to strategically plan seasonal businesses to achieve optimum profitability.  And if you really want to see him smile?  Ask him about his wife and baby girl.

  • Grant ThomasAccount Manager

    Grant is known for three things: his passion for retailing, his love of data and his euphemisms.  His friends will tell you that “Crushing It” is his favorite phrase.  His clients will tell you that is how he approaches their business with the world’s largest retailer. Receiving his degree in Economics with an MBA with a concentration in Retailing helped to prepare Grant to consider all aspects of an issue to arrive at the best solution for optimum success. Loyalty and family are everything to Grant.  His wife and two daughters are his world as are his parents and sisters.  He brings that same integrity to work every day.

  • Colton DillardAccount Manager

    Attending Arkansas Tech University on a golf scholarship developed 4 skills in Colton’s work life: mental toughness, flexibility, balance and stamina.  Before becoming an account manager with a supplier, Colton honed his skills in analytics and replenishment paving the way to one of the coveted Walmart Supplier of the Year awards as the account manager of the local team. Colton brings that same tenacity to Infinity Worlds.  He believes, “Driving innovation and pursuing new strategies is the key to the future in retail!”  Colton will also tell you that he is proudest to be able to be surrounded by his loving wife and supportive family where his father instilled in him the belief that anything great in life is worth working hard for.

  • Bethany DavisAccount Manager

    Hailing from Colorado originally, Bethany has made Northwest Arkansas her home with her husband and 2 young children where she has worked in the supplier world for over 8 years.  Her love of retailing is demonstrated by the thrill she gets when she helps brands accomplish something BIG at Walmart and Sam’s Club. The avid music lover strives to be a conduit of great items at a great price for the Walmart customer.  Always thinking out of the box and finding creative ways to ensure success on-shelf is what “gets her going” as evidenced by her favorite quote: “Never concede defeat, always have the spirit to begin anew ‘from this moment’ to initiate a new struggle each day.”

  • Max ShawAccount Manager

    Max comes to Infinity Worlds through the food supplier community where he was involved in every aspect of a multi-million dollar “Key Item” Walmart grocery business that included account sales, data analytics, and category management.  Max’s desire to be totally involved also spills over into his personal life where he believes in giving back.  He is actively involved in the American Diabetes Association due to his firsthand knowledge of the terrible effects of this disease that were felt by his beloved grandfather who fostered in Max the belief that, if you want something, you work hard to earn it.  On a lighter note, Max, his wife and son love enjoying all of the outdoor activities that Northwest Arkansas affords especially boating on Beaver Lake.